Research Groups

Department of Zoology

1. Mr. Ehtesham ul Haq   (M.Phil),           Associate professor

2. Mr. Sohail Aslam          (M.Phil),           Associate professor


Department of Chemistry

  1.  Mr. Adil Azmat        (M.Phil),          Assistant Professor

  2.  Mr. Irfan Ahmed     (M.S) on going,               Lecturer   (


Department of Mathematics

  1.  Mr. Ghulam Sarwar      (M.Phil),          Assistant Professor

    ( (

  2.  Mr. Mansoor Ahmed     (M.S) on going,                  Lecturer

Department of Physics

  1. Mr. Muhammad Jehangir  (M.Phil)          Assistant Professor  (

  2. Mr. Fakhar e Alam (M.Phil) on going,                      Lecturer   (

  3. Mr. Rizwan ur Rehman (M.Phil),                               Lecturer  (

  4. Mr. Naveed Anjum (M.Phil) on going,                      Lecturer  (

Department of Urdu

  1. Mr. Muhammad Arshad Usman (Ph.D),      Assistant Professor (

Department of Computer Science 

  1. Mr. Sameen Athar     (M.S) on going,                          Lecturer

Department of Botany

  1. Mr. Abid Arzoo Rasheed    (Ph.D),                               Lecturer

Department of Islamiat

  1. Mr. Sibghatullah Mahesar (M.Phil) on going,     Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

  1. Mr. Zia-ul-Qamar (M.Phil) on going                             Lecturer